Pattern Work in Main Hub Airport

Pattern work is always be the most interesting part in IF. Because it is the best way to develop your Flying skills and Air traffic communicate skills. Pattern work in HUB airport is very interesting, cuz after you touch and go, you will be turn on to the approach frequency, instead stay on the tower frequency for whole pattern work flight
Here’s some screenshot that my flight in Cairo Airport
Thanks for our IFATC , an awesome and professional team!!


I definitely agree with you!!!

its not useful for pilots only , But its a huge way to improve someone’s ATC skills!!!

Glad that you enjoyed it!!


but… where are the screenshots and why is this in general if you intended to put screenshots in here?

Please don’t do patterns at the busy airports. It only adds to the already-stressed workload of the controllers.

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Still different, I am not just sharing my flight, furthermore, this app is live flight. I think General would be more suitable

If the airport is super busy, normally ATC will set the ATIS to No pattern work allowed

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Don’t worry , a good amount of controllers enjoy people stopping by for patterns, if a controller finds it difficult to control the inbound and outbound traffic with aircraft remaining in the pattern , he will just stop allowing it , and could ask the aircraft in the pattern to divert or land.


Totally agree ! I love pilot flying pattern work when I am controlling!

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You ever need some to work the pattern hit me up will always use the practice with ATC

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