Pattern Work in Basel

I tried flying the Cessna 172 for the first time this morning I hope you like the photos :)

Aircraft: Cessna 172
Livery: F-HATZ
Callsign: GKA8273


I love the black and white! Awesome pictures! The C172 is the best plane in IF imo, it’s so fun to fly and it’s extremely well simulated

@Marc know what that field in the 3rd pic is called?

I flew out of Basel last week. Quite an underrated airport in my opinion. Well edited.

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I feel like black and white is getting big again! Great pics!

Thank you and yes I was surprised at how manoeuvrable it is to fly

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I agree, thank you

Thank you :)

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Great shots!
I love white and black

Thank you, me too

Nice Shots…like the black/white