Pattern Work @ EDDG

Tonight I decided to fly a few patterns with the SR22 at EDDG. The moon was beautiful!
I hope you enjoy the photos!


Aircraft: Cirrus SR22
Route: EDDG - EDDG
Flight Time: 0:31
Server: Expert
Callsign: D-LIST

Parked at Münster

Taking off Runway 25

Passenger View of the left wing

The first of many patterns is almost done!

After about 12 patterns, we’re on the ground again!

But wait, how could I forget to take a Moonshot at such a beautiful moon?
Anyway, here it is!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!
See you in the sky!


That Last Photo

as in good


Thank you!

Awesome moonshot, nice work :)

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Nice Shots! The Moonshot not bad!
EDDG is a very cool Airport ;)

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EDDG is definitely the best Airport (not me saying it because its my Home Airport)

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