Pattern Work at KSEA

Earlier on today, me, @IF.Alaska and IG: @ifs.russia (I don’t know his IFC username) did some pattern work in KSEA in the splendid Porter Q400! We flew for about half an hour before stopping and boy was it a lot of fun to do parallel landings on KSEA’s 3 runways!

Route: Not really any, just circling KSEA
Flight Time: 24mins
Server: Expert Server

DISCLAIMER: I do know that Porter doesn’t operate the Q400 to KSEA so dont judge me lol!

Pushing back from the gate.

Taxiing over to runway 16R.

The first takeoff.

Turning on to the downwind leg.

Some formation flying (kinda).

A parallel approach moments before touchdown.

Probably to smoothest of my 4 landings today.

All 3 of use back at the gate.


Very cool flight and nice shots
Next time may I suggest you take the photos in better lighting or add more of a brightness filter

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I love these a lot because I love how you made the pictures brighter. Great job 🔥🔥🔥

@ChauhanSai Thanks for the feedback! I will try and make it better for next time. Night shots are so hard to perfect in IF lol!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie Nice to see you enjoy the shots!

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Yeah, I always find night time in infinite fight to be so dark and I usually avoid night flights because of it

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Fun flying with you man!

Here are some pictures I got:

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@IF.Alaska It sure was fun! Your shots are absolutely stunning 🤩!

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