Pattern Work at HI31

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I was wondering what’s the exact command to follow in this case, started in HI31 to do some pattern work there in a jet fighter, the matter is, when I started the pattern flight the ATC in PHTO sent me on guard messages, I totally know that I’m under a controlled air space because of the vicinity, but in this case my purpose is not land on that airport (PHTO) and I had to quit afraid about being ghosted. Do I make myself clear about what I’m asking? What I have to do in this case? Greetings! image

I’ve had this happen before in Seattle. I was parked at BFI and SEA Appr. contacted me, but realized I was parked at another airport. Your best bet is to not fly patterns at non-controlled fields in very close proximity to a controlled field.


Thanks for your response, now then, what happen in the real life with airports close to controlled ones?

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My suggestion, as IFATC is if I was controlling there, is to create a flight plan that shows you want to go to that airport.

Once I click on your plane to see why you aren’t talking to me, and see that, I will probably hit you on guard. In response I would expect a transition request as your patterns may bring you closer than I would want.

IRL we would have an LOA with that airport and procedures that pilots would conduct prior to departing and arriving. All would include contacting the control tower and giving us a heads up so we could ensure that area was clear for them to depart and so we could issue any required traffic advisories to that pilot and to any pilots under our control.


Real life controllers are trained more than ones in IF and IRL they can simply tune to that frequency and say what they’re doing.

Thank you OP, your suggestion makes me clear about what I have to do in this case.

Yes it is hmkane, might my comment was a little obvious 😅

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Again, that’s just my opinion. I’m not sure all would think the same but that’s what I would want. Once we (you/I being controller) can’t establish you’re wanting to do work over there, I would freq change you back to that Unicom. The easiest way for that to happen is something showing your intentions. FP/transition request.

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I tried in the way you suggested and looks that’s how it works, I flew some pattern work near PHTO, requested transition then change to Unicom and everything went good, thank you once again.

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