Pattern work at EGPF

Did a bit of pattern work at EGPF yesterday
Time: around 19:00Z
Server: expert

Gently rotating off runway 05

Turning onto final on my first pattern

Touchdown, I decided to do a stop and go

Had to do a go around on my second pattern

well there I was that one fine Sunday afternoon…

Straight after that go around I had to go around again

…just me and my airplane and a little airport we’d never been to before…

Touching down successfully after my third attempt on my second pattern with @Mdoor in an A321 and a Q400

Touching down on my third pattern…

…and finishing off the pattern work on my fourth one…

…and parked at a ga apron at the end for some reason there’s an Alaska A320 at Glasgow?
Hope you enjoyed!


Is that prestwick or the actual Glasgow?

It’s just Glasgow

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Ah okay then

Nice, don’t worry about the Alaska A320 IF you can fly what and where you want


It makes it unrealistic though, it’s a looong way from home

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Sorry for the go arounds! 😂🤣🍻🍻🍻

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My favourite airport to control. If you want a lovely flight in your TBM set a course for Barra Airport (Beach landing strip) the scenery is lovely and it’s a 20 minute flight.


Haha no problem! I quite enjoy go arounds and it’s not like I could have done much better

My home airport

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I might try that at one point

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