Pattern work anyone? KBUR 0730 PST

IF you are wanting to do Pattern work I will be on KBUR Tower I am here from 0730 PST to whenever!! :)
Information Papa as follows:

Using runway 15 winds are at 160 07 knots Altimeter 2988

I will allow pilots who want to practice making ILS approaches as well!

Approach and join me!!! I am working on ATC skills.

If you wish to make a touch and go please do!!!

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On the way… I’m liking the weather report!

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excuse the guys in the jets… I cant control them. they being weird

Not bad. You just made a few mistakes here and there. The first time that you cleared me for the option, you neglected to tell me which traffic pattern to take afterwards.

Also, when I announced a missed approach, you neglected to reply with new pattern instructions, or go around. You can use either one- us advanced ATCs aren’t too picky about handling orders for a missed approach. Some of us use a combo of both, and I know a guy who uses pattern instructions for a missed approach.

Keep practicing!


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Would you rather here me say just " enter straight downwind" or would you rather here “go around” ??

Appreciate the traffic, and the tips!

It’s up to you. Either say “go around, make right traffic” or “enter right downwind” as I reclimb back. The situation varies in what you’re gonna see best. I know of a fellow advanced ATC who does use both, varied on the situation… Sometimes it’s at one point, sometimes the other. One guy does a go around command and then replies again with pattern instructions. Another one just gives pattern entry instructions, since you’re already technically on the right-hand side traffic.

@TopGrob93 can probably give you more information on this as you desire.

Also, no problem! Just keep practicing, and you’ll get there someday! It was a pleasure to fly in your airspace!

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thank you sir!

Thanks for joining me and helping out! I wish I snapped screenshots for you. :)


No worries about the jets! I actually thought it was cute that one of them was kind of trying to enter the pattern. I think he was getting trolled by the other guy.

Good service all around!!

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