Pattern question

ATC instructions:

-AMERICAN 1, number 1, clear for the option RW1
-DELTA 2, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind
-DELTA 2, maintain lowest practical speed
-Delta 2, number 2, clear to land

What is the message to the ATC if American 1 pilot don’t see a safety landing before the Delta 2 landing and American pilot wants to extend downwind and land after Delta 2?


A pattern isn’t flown 10 Nm from the airfield so keep that in mind. But just try and make it work if not announce a go around.


@F_Javier_Martinez, this could be avoided by telling American 1 ill call your base, sequence him behind Delta 2, then give your clearances.

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American 1 was to close of the runway and ATC didn’t change the order. If American don’t follow ATC inscructions could be goshed, isn’t it?

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What server was this on?

Guys, it’s a drawing…

We will try to get the pattern in first. If the pattern decides to extend downwind too much, we re-sequence. No one gets ghosted for that. It’s not that hard.


Expert server. The ATC made a good work all the hour that I’ve been there but in this situation I were uncomfortable

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Best thing is just to listen to their commands. We go through extensive work to ensure we can operate the airspace safely. If it was unsafe, Delta would have been told to go around before landing

Ok thanks you for your time ;)

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Hi @F_Javier_Martinez , thanks for the intense hours worth of patternwork. In this scenario you proceeded exactly how I wanted you too. I seen the opportunity to slot you in before the conga line so I did. As @Brandon_Sandstrom mentioned above if you feel uncomfortable or you think it’s not going to work, just announce going around.

Thanks for coming!