pattern altitude

Hello guys I have a question what is the altitude that I should fly when I’m doing pattern work??
I was just flying at Cairo Airport and I climb to 3000 feet and Tower tell me to descend to pattern altitude so I want to know what’s the altitude I should fly when I am doing pattern work


1500 for commercial jets and 1000 for GA I believe. There is a thread on here outlining all pattern procedures if you care to look for it. :)

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Thanks bro I will check it out

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Essentially, you should stay at those prescribed altitudes and turn short bases. If you want to be fit in with inbounds you should not be flying full 11 nm downwind.

One last question what do you buy GA?:-)

This depends on the airport elevation.

  • pattern altitude for a commercial aircraft: 1500ft AGL
  • pattern altitude for a smaller aircraft such as props: 1000ft AGL
    For example: if a an airport has an elevation of 2500ft you add either 1500 (=4000) or 1000ft (=3500) (depends on the aircraft you’re currently flying)

General aviation. Cessna and the TMB for example. Small prop planes that aren’t usually used commercial but rather short hop flights at lower altitudes and speeds.

Oh okay okay okay I got it

Thank you very much guys it’s always very helpful to have you guys around