Pattern altitude

Morning I’ve just been asked by the controller at Orlando to descend to pattern altitude. I’ve not heard that before - what is it? Help!

Pattern Altitude is usually 1000’ AGL. So since it’s Orlando, it would be 1096’ MSL or rounded to 1100’ MSL. However, turbine aircraft (jet aircraft) should enter at 1500’ AGL, or 1600’ MSL for Orlando.


GA aircraft fly patterns at 1000ft AGL whilst jet aircraft fly patterns at 1500 ft AGL.


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This has been answered and solved 2 hours ago.

No more replies needed!!

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Here in Australia the pattern altitudes differ for different performing aircraft.

  • Jet/Most Airliners (<150kt) - 1500AGL
  • GA Aircraft (>150kt) - 1000AGL
  • Ultralights (>55kt) - 500ft

This is for Australia though, so I would simply go somewhere between 1000-1500AGL


1000 for GA, 1500 for Jets.

On a go around, you shouldn’t climb all the way back up to 3k. I wanted you to slip back in as soon as possible, so 1500 and turn a short base.

(Going all the way back out to the cone, which is just a visual aid, just further exacerbates any issues with traffic following behind.)

Same goes while in pattern. If doing circuits, you should not be flying a full 11 nm downwind.

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I will refer you all to my previous post… please stop posting here if you’re repeating the other guys!