Pattern altitude question

after departure ATC instructs you to descend to pattern altitude how do I know what is the pattern altitude where can I find out this information?


The standard pattern altitude in Infinite Flight will be 1000’ AAL (Above Aerodrome Level) for General Aviation and 1500’ AAL for pretty much everything else that’s not GA. If the airport’s elevation was 5389’, and I was in a GA aircraft, I’d be at 6389’ (6400’ for the sake of ease). For non-GA, I’d be at 6889’ (~6900’.)

Of course, if the terrain around the airport doesn’t allow for this, then patterns might not be the best idea.

Hope this helps! 😄


Ga? Georgia thanks thanks for your help I thought it was 3000 ft but I kept getting instructions to descend to pattern altitude from ATC.

GA stands for General Aviation. :)

When ATC tells you to descend to pattern altitude, they want you at that 1000’/1500’ AAL depending on your aircraft.


I was on a McDonnell Douglas Md-11

In that case, you’d go to 1500’ AAL. If the airport’s elevation was 1000’, that would be 2500’ for you.

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