Pattern altitude assigned by tower

When a pilot ask to remain in the pattern it would be great if tower can say “cleared for take off make left pattern, climb 2000 feet”. Now we can see a lot of people climbing to 7000 feet or higher which can make a conflict with incoming traffic.


Why are you having so much good ideas dear colleague?


One of those days… ;)


One of those day when Aernout is not flying so he is just thinking ;)


I noticed that many pilots don’t know what “remaining in the pattern” means.
They just fly away after declaring it!


I had three consecutive aircraft do that yesterday. And fourth one said departing straight out and then said “going around”…while circling back around for touch and go…😁


Good suggestion! 2000’ pattern altitude? Better establish and published an IF Common Pattern. For this Sim the Pattern direction and height needs to be established and published so it’s uniform. Plus I believe for the majors a staggered height pattern is necessary eg: GA/Light Reginals 010 Hvy’s 020 for example. Remember Publications like FLIP’s are not available to the average IF “Pilot”, KISS is the key. Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends

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We are getting somewhere Max, I agree on the KISS… Now try to explain this to the crowd ;)

Any pattern is the same, you turn parallel to the runway and then hope for the best to get back inline with the centerline… ;) The turning ain’t a big issue, its all about the altitudes as those will protect mid air collisions.

Your the man @Aernout. We’re solidly 5/5 on the same Freq. I still believe an IF Standard Pattern should be established! You gotta lead the ponies to water first time. “You do good work”
Regards, Max Sends

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GA should just have a pattern height of say 1000 - 1200 AGL. What would you make it for heavies / supers? It’ll be the first time in the universe anyone has done pattern work in an A380!

A lot of airports have published pattern altitude and pattern direction, I wonder if IF could publish these in the map screen etc when you select an airport?

It would help controllers too - I keep getting cleared to fly a pattern that crosses directly over active parallel runways when the other direction is completely clear, or is the published pattern directly and clearly should be used.

Mitchell… I have done patterns in the A330 & the A380. Climbing 1500 feet while making a turn to downwind…


yea i agree…just telling pilot to descend to pattern altitude…they still dont know what this…it’s a great idea for tower to give traffic pattern altitudes and also in some case speeds as well …yea Aernout…the light bulb over your head is blinding me,(sunglasses)…great stuff

In IF, or as a result of a generous commercial carrier funding a joy flight…?

Training… You would be surprised what happens in airlines…

Is that the case for all a380 carriers? I was of the belief Emirates a380 training was solely in the simulator?

This is the case for any carrier in the world when they have a new plane joining the fleet. The initial batch needs to do some kind of touch and go’s or non revenue flights to get their pilots certified before they can start line operations.

Ahh yes I didn’t think of that aspect when receiving a completely new fleet - I was only considering new type rating certifications for pilots

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Awesome suggestion this would really help out.

That was probably the main reason why the expert server was taken down. Most people said they were remaining in the pattern, left the airspace anyway and got ghosted. Anyway, new violation idea!

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@Aernout, @Swang007, would on of you care to write a tutorial on ‘remaining in the pattern’. That would help me (and hopefully others) to use this better.