“Patrol Seas Clear, Coastguard 354”

C-130 patrol over the west coast of Florida, based out of the real-life CG base at St. Petersburg/Clearwater Airport. Smooth skies and clear seas for this flight - best you can ask for!

Flight Details
  • USCG C-130
  • Departed KPIE north, then turned down south paralleling the coast and looped back up north to return to base
  • FL140 at 220 kts

Before startup on the Coastguard C-130 ramp. USCG 2003

Lineup short on runway 36, cleared for takeoff

Overhead angle on takeoff roll

USCG 2003 overhead with a beautiful clear sky

Over the coast at our patrol cruise altitude of 14,000 ft

Turning around to run up the coast back to KPIE as the sun begins to set

Moonshot! Showing off the C-130

The setting sun reflects off the fuselage as the flight nears top of descent

The landing was at night and a hard one, so I’ll end the photos here! The military aircraft in this game don’t get enough attention — don’t forget to check out the C-130s when you’re looking for a fun patrol or cargo hauling flight!


Great shots! The moonshot was my favorite

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Thanks! Great conditions for that one

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