Patriots 767-300

I think the Patriots 767 would be a cool livery and there is already a Atlanta Falcons 717 plus this is also the first sports team to buy their own plane. They bought 2 of these plane [N36AA] and [N39367] at a price of $5.5million to be used for away games so they do not have to try to find big jets to haul all the players there and in the long run would be cheaper. They are based at TF green airport in Rhode Island where it is on display outside the terminal of the airport.


You never know though, the tires might deflate…
In all seriousness, this is a neat livery.
Also, you should vote for your own requests.


Last time I heard the tires have the correct psi



Cool feature request. Love the plane and love the team (biased). How about adding a bit more substance/information to this topic though? Maybe share a little bit about this specific aircraft’s history or maybe even talk about the purpose of this plane (What is it used for etc). That’ll be helpful for many and may increase your voters! :)

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the info will add that

I recommend requesting to add it on this page:

There are already plenty of people who have voted on it and it would increase the chances of this plane being added!

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I have a personal rule that I don’t vote for plane or livery requests, as there are too many to choose from. This plane is my exception. How could you not like this livery? Truly a plane of champions. (Wait ‘till they have to add a 6th on the tail!)

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Can’t wait till we have to have another trophy painted on the tail!

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It was at your home a few weeks ago!

Tempted to flag as off-topic because the broncos are #irrelevant. 😜



Aircraft requests/rework threads are not places to request liveries. This is fine.

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I was just stating that it’s hard to like a patriots plane when your another teams fan. That’s all. 😉

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We’re looking at the plane not the team

It’d be difficult for the devs to model the slightly deflated tires…in all seriousness, it’s pretty cool. I’d vote for it, but I’m at a vote limit.

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Oh heck no, can’t stand the pats lol


Remember we’re talking about the PLANE


Sorry. Dallas fan here.


Even though they lost the Super Bowl (which they should’ve won), we need this livery


Haha make an actions button “deflate tires” gives you extra grip in crosswind landings


I’d like to see the air Kraft in the game! It’d be fun to simulate the Patriots flying to Houston to get beat!