Patrick_Jennings' ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KCVG

Hey there IFC! I will be practicing my ATC skills today at KCVG, my home airport ON TRAINING. I would appreciate it if people would fly in and let me have some practice. I will be operating Tower and Ground, most likely for the next 30 mins - 1 hour. If you can come, can you please tell me your Callsign, aircraft type, and livery so I can easily recognize you. This will be much appreciated!!! Please also give me any pointers after using my frequency!! Thanks for being such a great community!

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Coming N25513


Thanks to everyone, feedback will be much appreciated!

I’ll give a appear Air France 958
and training

sounds good to me

and now?
I’m already here

I see you here

Ok! You need to improve on some stuff but you seem to kind of know what to do.

  • You forgot to give me clearance to land 2 times! It’s extremely import to give clearance or else the aircraft can’t land and will have to go around until you give them clearance. Remember this: Pattern entry (if required), sequence (if required), then clearance.

  • When I was landing you told me to make a right 360 for spacing? Why? There was no one on the runway, I wasn’t about to hit an aircraft, and the only other guy that was there was landing on 36C.

  • I requested to change to 36R after I changed to 36C to see if you would give the correct sequence to me and the other guy that was there flying patterns. You told me unable. ATC’s job is to accommodate traffic.

  • You ended up closing so I didn’t get to finish everything that I wanted to do so I’m going to leave you with these videos. I highly highly recommend watching them. I learned from them and those videos helped me get into IFATC.

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Thank you for this help - I have things to work on. I gave you the 360 because the other aircraft was crossing from 36C to 36R and I was afraid that you would both be crossing into the other runway’s finals and become too close. In hindsight, it was probably stupid to try to take that much precaution, and I apologize. I was trying to give you clearance, but many I am still getting accustomed to the controls of ATC, as I am new to ATC and I’m getting to get better with it. Again I apologize and will treat this as a leaning experience!

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It’s ok! I’m glad you learned from it. Make sure to go to that YouTube channel and watch those videos.

Will do, thanks again!

Sounds good!

Could you explain what you mean here?

You did a great job. It leaves no insecurity and guides well. congratulations.

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Hey sorry for the late reply, I was N776DL…
I think definitely there are some things to work on

  • on the ground make sure you reply with what runway you want not just continue taxi from the get go… you corrected yourself so good job :)

  • I was remaining in the pattern but you kept clearing me to land instead of the option

  • you were “over controlling” with commands like extend downwind and with the 360 command

  • No reason for that 360 command, @CollinFlys was cleared for 36R I myself was cleared for 36C… it’s our responsibility to maintain separation and Its ok if planes are on a parallel approach like we were

  • After I took off from one of my patterns doing left traffic, you told me to enter right downwind 36C which is the correct way to have me turn right but you changed runways to 36R when you gave me the clearance to land

  • you On guarded that Skywest plane when he was at like 11,000ft which is way above your airspace

  • When that skywest plane did change to your frequency, he requested transition, you responded with FL320, which is extremely to high… since KCVG is like 900ft the correct response should have been 3500, as transition altitude is 2500ft above airport elevation

  • The “speed at your discretion” and “turn base” commands given to me were unnecessary… you have to trust the pilots to fly the pattern the proper way

  • @CollinFlys took off from 36R and requested change to 36C, you responded with just a clearance, it should have been a new pattern entry, sequence if needed, then a new clearance making sure to say left or right traffic

  • @CollinFlys then requested a change back to 36R which was denied… just be careful with that as it is good ATC etiquette to accommodate a pilots request unless there is something preventing it


  • For remaining in the pattern- after takeoff, give a sequence (if needed), Then give a clearance for the option
  • If someone Is coming from outside your airspace to land- give a pattern entry, sequence if needed, then give a clearance to land
  • If remaining in the pattern and they request a RWY change OR comming from outside your airspace for a touch and go- ALWAYS give a pattern entry for the new RWY, give a sequence IF NEEDED, then ALWAYS give a clearance for option making left or right traffic


Good job, make sure you keep practicing and as @CollinFlys said make sure to watch those YouTube vids, if you can read the ATC manual and I always suggest going to other members ATC tracking threads and see how they are doing it

Thank you so much!!

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