Patient Pilots

So, with majority of pilots playing the Open Beta version of the sim, I was wondering if there are any pilots who are simply patient like myself, waiting for the update to be fully released with little to no bugs? I mean dont get me wrong im soooo excited for the update but im just holding it back to wait until the app is fully ready to be released so i can enjoy it even better. Im just curious😅🙌🏼


For those who signed up for the open beta, you unfortunately signed up for the bugs. That’s the reason why we have beta programs, to make for a flawless release.

I know it’s easy to think that beta is an opportunity for an early release, but at the end of the day, it’s a useful and necessary program that makes updates as great as they are


Yep! I’m waiting anxiously. I don’t want to jump to open beta because I don’t want to lose any data or any account info to some unknown bug. Just not worth the risk in my opinion


Yup i feel you😅


Yeah, I agree. I’m happy IF players are willing to test the BETA not only for their satisfaction but to provide the rest of the IF community with a successful release.


Once the release to market version is available, I promise it won’t disappoint. I’m still so starstruck on how great this update is!


Haha same😎

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Im so amazed i cant function in school😂😂

Right here! I never sign up for beta versions ik ppl are excited to play but I’d rather wait for full version and enjoy it without a lot of bugs! But shoutout to ppl who signed up for beta and are helping fix the problems!!

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I agree with you one of the biggest reason I didn’t sign up for beta!


One more update closer to the best update yet🙏🏼. Ngl when i saw it at first I actually thought it was 21.1😂😂. Nice to see tweeks are being made as well to ensure a smooth release🙌🏼


Well guys after a few weeks of anticipatedly waiting, the update has finally dropped for everyone (big up to all the patient pilots🙌). Just wanna say thank you to the entire IF developers staff and everyone who contributed in the successful completion of 21.1🙏.
See you at the gates😎

NB: The update will start showing up on the respective app stores throughout the day so still be a little patient (that of which I cant do right now cuz im so excited)😂.


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