Patchy sound & No stats

I was flying earlier today near the edge of the SoCal map, As long as I was flying near the border my sound would be patchy at times, but when I flew away I had no problem, could be my headphones & Device (LG gpad 8.3) but id be interested to know if anyone else has had anything similar happen. Going to test it out more tmmrw anyway.

The other thing is the stats that load up when you touch another players icon seem to have a bit of a delay before they load, I’ve only noticed this the last two days, the stats sometimes dont load at all on the flight tracker apps either. I seen on the flight tracker app something to do with a change to the api, so maybe its something to do with this? Any other ideas?

This happens to me on the cessna 208 and cessna citation

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When flying along the border of the region? I was in the F-22

No iwas was just alnding a few minutes ago in a citation x and went into a wing view and it was like a choppy noise

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