Past subscription date and still flying?

Hi my subscription ended the 22nd of March, basically yesterday however it is the 23rd and it says my subscription is valid until March 22nd 2018. I am just trying to figure out what I can do about this. I am planning on buying a new subscription for sure.

I say this category should be in #support but a mod will come help ya shortly


Do you have auto-renew on? If it’s on, you will be charged again for your payment which was happening to me, and it will be renewed until the next month/year.

For more information, check this out 😉

I think so. I went to the app store and went to manage account and looked for subscriptions but IF never came up which is weird.

Hmm, that’s odd. Have you tried to refresh the application? If you haven’t, maybe you can give it a shot.

try this If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support

I am currently reinstalling to see what happens

Ok it is resolved. I had to reinstall the app. Now it works.

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Good to hear! Next time if your having trouble with anything, put a topic on #support and a mod or staff can help you in minutes.

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Ok thank you very much

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Any mod or staff may close this.

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Just flag it next time and a mod will get a notification :)

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