Past Month Update

Hey everyone!!
After a break from PRO, I’m almost ready to subscribe again and with my break from PRO, I’ve also had a break from the community forum.

It would be great if I could have a recap of the recent events regarding the live servers and updates. (I’ve heard about the 757 stuff but what’s the status on the update?)

Hope this isn’t too much to ask and I’ll hopefully be flying again soon on the servers!!

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Nothing much has happened

  • 757 beta out
  • some liveries released (check IF Twitter and Instagram)
  • 757 to be released very very very soon to all other members

To add to that, I’m not sure if you were still here for 20.2 but the rest of the variants for the 777 have been reworked as well as the new callsign and username changes.

All can be found here: Infinite Flight 20.2


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