Password reset

as smart AS i am i made to log out from my phone and i dont remember the code. Im just curius is it possoible to see your password instead Using passord reset or do i need to USE password reset

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You have to use the password reset.

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Ah man ok i guess i gotta do that but do i Get logget out from my iPad then if i do it?

You never said which password you are resetting. Passwords by nature are supposed to be secure so being able to view them is not best practice.

What are we even talking about? :)

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Ok but do i get logget out from my iPad if i reset the password?

I dont know what password you are referring to. We can help you with Infinite Flight or the community.

The only one i have

Og sorry i meant the community

There is a forgot password which you can use for the forum. You must be on the forum login page. Enter your email or username to get a password reset email.

Yea i know but it wont work lol

Bit i dont really CARE im logget in on my iPad and pc

I fixed it thx for the help

Thx for the help mate

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