Password help

I have just noticed there is around 7 devices which aren’t mine logged in to my account and for this community I used my gmail to log in but it’s saying my gmail password isn’t working and I don’t know what to do as I would like to add two factor authentication. My gmail password should work tho right because that’s how I log in?


Try logging in with “login using Google”.


I cant because I am already logged in and when I go to activate two factor it doesn’t give me the option and my gmail password isn’t working for the community

Go to preferences and logout of all. Consider changing password.

Will do thanks

No problem.

I usually login with another search engine like Firefox or Explorer.

In settings for the forum you can also log out other devices, I would recommend you log out those other devices ASAP too…

Ok have fixed it now thanks

I have done this thanks for the help😀

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How do I close this thread now? Or can I not

A moderator will if they see it nessary, if you really want to you can flag it, but that is up to you, the moderators will see it soon enough either way… 😁

Ok thanks😀😀

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