Passnger claims United covered up nearly deadly incident

Last year there was an incident onboard a United 767-300 (I’d assume ER, but thats what the article says) in which a cokpit window was shattered down to all but the last layer. United’s offocal response is that it was a bird strike, but the person making these claims says that that’s not what the pilots think. The article quotes the pilots as saying “there’s nothing alive at 40 thousand feet.” They blame improper maintenance instead. They also go on to say that if the last layer had broken the pilots likely would have been sucked out “leaving the passengers doomed.” The aircraft safely diverted to Goose bay, and all passngers were given a 500 dollar voucher. This passnger though decided not to take that, and wants “‘fair compensation’ for bodily injury and severe emotional distress as a result if his ‘brush with death.’” He goes on to claim that since he now has a fear of flying it could ruin hus career as a CEO. Whats you’re opinions on this? I’m very curious, do you think united can eaven be sue’d for what could have happened?

(all quotes from the article)


I think he’s just a guy looking for free money. He sustained no bodily injury and should the airliner have crashed, yes they could probably be sued but they didn’t and it had zero effect on passengers.


I must say I agree, I dont think they should be liable for what could have happened. It doesnt say how much he wants, but if it"s a small amount I can see it since I supose it’s fair that he now has a fear of flying, but if he’s really trying for alot, I dont think that’ll get through


Certainly, they shouldn’t be liable for what could happen, but I like how the pilot are blatantly honest and straight forward with their response. As to the guy, I don’t understand why he thinks he can’t get over this for the rest of his life? If anything he could not fly United anymore, and he says “CEO” so he might want to start looking at private planes 🙄. I must agree United needs to start being more responsible and just take responsibility for this.

This guy seems like a stereotypical guy who doesn’t know anything about flying, his the heck would he even see the darn cockpit? OMG! Have you ever heard of the BAC one-eleven that had it’s window fly out? THE COPILOT SAVED THE PLANE AND THE CAPTIAN SURVIVED! If I met this guy, I would use much worse words.


sounds like united to me :)


Totally agree and love the profile picture

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This sounds like bullcrap. He couldn’t have possibly seen the cockpit, and wow, this could ruin your career? How? In. What. Way?


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