Passive Alert for Online Controllers

I just thought of this… Perhaps we can have a passive alert (that will not be intrusive) to inform pilots and ATCs alike that another Controller is online so this recent Controller doesn’t have to send guard messages… Also, I love it when I have other controllers online with me…

Like perhaps if I take WSSS_GND and WSSS_TWR and he takes WSSS_APP, I can handoff the plane to him but I noticed this doesn’t happen when GND and TWR is controlled by other people while I control APP or CTR…

Perhaps some people don’t bother but I know some like the feeling of having other controllers online together :D


Good idea.

As advanced controllers we utilize slack, although not every controller is online at slack while controlling and therefore some controllers don’t know that apporach just went online or offline, spthis would solve that problem.

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