Passing through YMML - International Terminal

Just thought I’d spread out the photo uploading :) Here we have the remainder of my passing into YMML:

International Terminal:


  • A380 Emirates

  • Jetstar A320

  • Etihad 773

  • Cathy Pacific Cargo; Special Livery “Hong Kong Trader” 747-8F


A320 vs A380 lol. Funny how they both fly international routes. I like that sleek 777. Great shots, and great 747-8F find!

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I love the Etihad and Cathay pictures. Not to discount Emirates, she’s a beautiful bird as well. Again, excellent work here.

Nice pictures! I like the Cathay pacific and the Emirates ones

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I love the Etihad one, perfect setting/perfect lighting :D (wallpaper quality there)

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