Passing through YMML - Domestic Terminal

Some people may be aware that I recently took to the skies and flew to Western Australia. From where I live I sadly can’t do direct so you have to pass through Melbourne (YMML) before continuing on to Perth. During the stopover into Melbourne I thought why not do some spotting so here we go:

Domestic Terminal
Remember to click for full quality! Also the photos may appear a bit yellow. This is due to the glass window I was behind :)

This photo above has a a very deep story. Firstly when I was in Melbourne our plane got delayed from 12:45-1:30 the issue was that the aircraft needed service has a problem occurred. Anyway we waited that out… But come 1:30 and a call went over: QF769 delayed until 2:30 due to the aircraft was unserviceable. This put us behind a mile or more and the serious thing was that the A330 for us needed serious service. So as you can see here, we have our A330 being tugged to the Melbourne sheds for repair.

(Luckily they had another A330 on hand to fly the route)


  • A330-200 Qantas
  • Boeing 737-800 Qantas
  • Boeing 717 Special Livery: Tasmania Livery Qantas
  • Dash 8-Q400 Breast Cancer (pink) Livery Qantas
  • Saab 340 Rex

Very nice - great to see the 717 still in service! I like the special liveries. Sounds like the great Qantas service, always has spare aircraft on hand.

I also see the Jetstar A320 W/L and the A321 in the background ;-) Just wondering if you’ve got a photo of the 737 @Skylines?


Excellent pictures, thanks for sharing these!

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Nice photos!

Great shots. Although they are really good I still think operations road is better.

Apologies about that, the photo didn’t load right. Its up now! Thanks for letting me know.

Very nice, thanks for sharing! I like the mixture of tail designs in the background too.

I love the tassie devil 717. It was my first 717 I ever flew on

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