passing through the runway at the landing


Hello I’m contacting you because I have a very serious problem, today is the second day that I’m in trouble and I can not make the landing, yesterday it happened I thought it would only be a problem of the moment but it was not that, it has been repeated every time that I’m doing the flight, practically what’s happening is that I’m passing through the runway (the count usually starts until I get to 10 I do not touch the runway) at the time of touching the ground, the approach procedure is normally run until the runway
This has never happened to me in the last years that I have the game, what should I do?


Clear scenery cache?


I’m going to try to do this, but I want to make it clear that I can see all the country and runway images without problem, only when I’m close to touching the ground I step through it


Still try it, if that doesn’t work delete Infinite Flight, re-download it, clear scenery cache again, and report back to tell us what happened.


Also make sure you have plenty of free storage space left.


I’ll do it, thanks for the help.


Also out of curiosity, which airport was this at?


is jomo kenyatta airport (HKJK in kenya, the first time happened in hong kong (VHHH)


This has happened to me once. Could it be that you landed to hard on the runway?


If he did land “hard” on the he should’ve crashed not go through the ground


I’m a pilot student and I know very well the landing procedures, and if he goes to see the screenshot I made, he’ll see that my speed was 140kts, and the weather conditions were very good, so there’s no way I can have it landed hard


I wasn’t saying you did.


Yes I know, I was talking about @Plane-Train-TV


This has happened to me numerous times when I spawn, usually I can spawn in at the same gate fine after a reset of my device


I did what @Joseph007 suggested, now I’m doing a flight to RKSI, and I’ll see how it goes


Good luck!

Make sure to tell us what happens when you land!


So, as I promised to tell you at the end of my flight, I’m just saying that everything went fine from start to finish, I made a 5 hour flight (singapore to incheaon, south Korea) I landed without problem, thank you once more for your help especially @Joseph007
, thanks


No problem @joslleymiguel_holand! Glad it worked:)


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