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I’ve used Infinite flight on a IOS device and my count has been created with Facebook. Some minutes ago I tried to change my account for a Android device but I could not and this message appeared. Help me…


I’m not really sure, but it may have something to do with the fact that Live and Live+ are no longer a thing since Global came out. Here’s a device compatibility thread to see all global-compatible devices;

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Accounts linked through Facebook and Google can be used regardless of if devices are switched and if they are different OS. This has been the standard since global and if I remember correctly farther back. There should be no issue with him logging into his Facebook link account on a different OS. This will have to be looked at by staff. By chance did you just make a mistake with inputting your credentials on Facebook @Matheussodre?


No way, I put my data 4 times right and the same message appeared!

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@Matheussodre, as Velocity said, your Android device isn’t compatible with the current Infinite Flight version. I’ve had this issue before with my old iPad (luckily I was getting a new one the next day), so you can’t use that device for Infinite Flight anymore.


Right, thanks guys!!

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