My feature request is very simple. In GA aircraft, you have the ability to adjust each passengers weight, so I thought it would be a cool idea to have the amount of passengers loaded shown in each specific view. For example, in the TBM-930, you can see the pilot through the windscreen. My topic is requesting not only to see the pilot, but to see the passengers, too!

Good idea @KennedyTurner got my GOT MY WHEN I GET SOME MORE!!


Definitley Agree with you on that one!

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Good idea! you have my vote

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I want to see some passengers in IF

You got my VOTE!!

Would be nice getting to see the passengers board the plane

True, but through what? We have no jetbridges, step trucks, etc.

Through the door ;)
Almost all GA aircraft have the ability to open the door so ye, just through the door

Really good idea. Don’t have any votes tho

If this gets added, I’ll be IFs top murderer with my landings