Passengers weigh more than cargo?

I always wondered when I am getting ready for a flight, why does cargo weigh less than people when where passengers can carry 2-3 bags which weigh about 50lbs each. <===(By the way, what a run on sentence)

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It depends on which aircraft really, a 747 can cary much more cargo than a 737, so it depends on aircraft, which aircraft are you flying?

As you can see, on a 747, cargo would outweigh pax as it can carry much more.

While on a 737, pax would outweigh cargo as the aircraft will carry more pax than cargo.

It’s really on aircraft, if we are talking about max weight.

If we are talking about the weight of a single passanger and luggage, well that is pretty self explanatory.



Do some quick math. Let’s say the average passenger is 130-150 pounds with an average luggage weight of 50 pounds… 🤔


Unless, of course, you’re flying Spirit. Then the luggage weight is much less 😂


True, thanks for the joke 😂😂😂😂


Standard weights for passengers in the summer months are 180lbs while in the winter months passengers are given a weight of 185lbs. Consistency.


I didn’t even know that!!

This is my excuse for “winter weight” that magically accumulates every winter as the days get shorter.

I refuse to blame it on the cake, cookies and pie 🤫


Why do you assume i’m heavier during winter? I find that offensive. #SebForBeach2018


Here come the bearded Santa jokes… 🥁

🎅 = Seb





This topic escalated so bad… it’s all @DeerCrusher’s fault.

Oh well, we have at least one serious answer.


Lol. It’s the little things that are the most important. 🤷🏼‍♂️


It’s so weird how the comments can literally change in the opposite direction.

What is this winter weight you speak of? Seems I gain more in the summer because I have more free time to go out and vacations

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Interesting, The standard weights don’t change here, they only depend on the type of flight you are on.

But domestic here is
Male: 88KG
Female: 70KG
Child :35KG
Bag: 11, 12 or 13 KG depending on who you ask.

But if you think about it, a 180lb person is the equivalent to about (4)-50lb bags. If you multiply this by the number of seats on a 737-800 (175 seats), you’re looking at about 700 bags in regards to a fully booked -800. Now you’ll never get 70p bags on a -800. Ut we just converted the passengers into bags. (700 bags or 175 passengers) x 50lb bag is about 35,000lbs. A bit confusing but this is to give you an idea how a bags and passengers can correlate with each other.

Also lets be real here how many time is your luggage always 2 bags at 50lbs each? Most of the weight from cargo on long hauks comes from pure cargo transportation


You’d be surprised. I’ve seen folks lugging their wardrobe around the airport with zippers busting at the seams. And then you also have those who check an empty bag. Kind of a toss up.

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I’ve checked the averages a few times from the actual bag weight from the DCS system, 11-13 kg is about right. You will also be amazed some of the things people check in. I haven’t seen a kitchen sink yet, but give it time, you never know.

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