Passengers lined up at the lavatory after takeoff

Los Angeles. Runway 24L. I had just left the ground when I saw that A330. Beautiful, I thought.

I continued straight. When I look to the left I see the TAP logo grow, becoming the size of the first line of letters in vision tests (does that make sense?). Yes, that A330 was turning right.

The pilot of the A330, very experienced, climbs quickly. Expert, I thought.

But while in the cockpit we were listening to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers, the passenger cabin was in complete chaos like Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.

Screams and confessions that I prefer not to comment on (I’m actually out of creativity to think of a confession).

Watch the video taken by a passenger on the left:

Thanks @TheJynxGN for contributing to this thread.


That’s why folks we need to plan better our FPL 😂


I asked ATC for permission to take off and head North, I got given the all clear so made a right turn after take-off 🫢😅 Good footage from your passengers onboard!

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I must admit it was pretty cool to see him make the turn. Yes, that passenger was very perceptive.

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