Passengers in Wings

Looks like passengers sitting in wings is going to come closer to reality with KLM deciding to help fund the idea.


Is it Just me or does that aircraft looks like something you could have seen in GTA5

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Since the fuel tanks are also in the wings, that seems like it could make some crashes or emergencies deadlier

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I just had this immediate feeling that this is going to be like the Concorde.


Did someone done bad photoshop on a380, 747 call it futuristic design? :) there will be lot to do with weight balance, loading man will have serious job :)

In don’t either. If someone can please do so!!

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Wouldn’t it be space for less fuel? where would the fuel go if not in the wings? I mean there is some space in the center but are they planning on using the whole middle section for fuel instead of passengers?

Its definitely unnerving…

Im a HUGE window seat fan. These window seats would be amazing!!!

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I found another article that’s super interesting related to the g-forces those from the center of the plane would feel. They make it sound like a bad thing, but personally I think it’s awesome…

Supposedly a fuel efficient design but there are always give and takes. Very curious what the passenger experience would be.

One thing I can’t find is the rudder, is it underneath belly like in the boats? :D

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Maybe they don’t need one ha ha! Or maybe it’s like the stealth bomber…

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Cheating husband can book ticket to Amsterdam or pattaya on this stealth airline :)

NOOOOO THANKS. Wouldn’t be so pleasant during turbulence and crosswind landings

Sounds pretty scary to me. If you look at the history of aviation accidents that had survivors, most of the souls who perished where seated by the wings. I could not imagine sitting right where the fuel is stored.

that will never fly! honestly there is very little wing space!


Are you guys forgetting about the G38, which did this in the 30s?


I’d say the main difference is that the G-38 still had a defined cylindrical fuselage with a (semi) traditional tail fin and rudder(s). The flying-v isn’t a tube and has wing fins instead. Just my 2 cents but I’m not an engineer either.