Passengers "forgotten" at DUS

I just looked at this news and I was surprised😦The pilots left 90 passengers at the airport.


You can’t blame the pilot

flying at night is fun

I never blamed them, I don’t have the fault they made a mistake.

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More people would of been mad if they didn’t take off before the ban.


Let me pose a question to you, would you rather leave one busload of passengers? Or would you rather strand everyone on this flight +everyone on later flights using that aircraft because you missed curfew?


You sumed it up perfectly


Last part of article is very important. If regulations in Germany has night hours probably captain made a calculation between new delays losing a slot and not being able to take off. So maybe if he kept delaying flight would have cancelled and would have been much worse.

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More like “abandoned”…

If you want to blame, blame the Italians who did a strike which resulted in a delay to the Eurowings flight, not the pilot(s) ;)

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They clearly got offloaded because they were late to the gate… sounds funny though

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well for one I didn’t say that bruh! but if there was going to be a night flight curfew why make the other passengers suffer?

german ATC are very strict about night curfews

So do they go to sleep since there’s no night flights for them to handle?

Thar happens more often than you may think. Pilots have a certain period of time that they need to go off-block (on the taxiway) in.
And if the pilots decide that they want to go off-block in time or they want to catch up a delay they can simply do so.

The left passengers need to wait for the next flight if no other plane is provided for them.

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they sit there rejecting incoming traffic.

You serious?

Yes Germans complain about Airline traffic heavily (speaking as one myself) so they divert traffic during night.

Has it to do with Noise Abatement Procedures?

Not sure what that is but yes most likely noise restrictions at night time. I have had flights diverted from TXL to SXF before not a fun debacle I guarantee.

I would of done the same because if the pilots waited the airline would of lost money and more people on later flights on the same aircraft would of gotten affected by the delay.


The little Leipzig/Halle Airport is Germanys 2nd biggest cargo-Airport and Europes 5th biggest because of Night flying Restrictions.