Passengers discover hole in the side of Air Mistral ATR 72

Well these news topics from that Wordpress website were being spammed. And a little hole is not that big of an issue. Just having a little fun.


It’s just a hole. Slap some tape or hot glue some aluminum sheets on it.


They were not being spammed. A human being (ie: me) posted maybe two a day. And then someone told me lay off, so I haven’t posted any for a while. It is quite a big issue, a little hole led to the roof being ripped off an Aloha airlines 737. Calm yourself.

If they didn’t have that they could have used chewing gum, lots of people carry that:-)

As Mark Watney would say:

Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.

Did they try setting it to Wumbo?


Just doubler plate it and call it a day.

This is sorta spam, sorry


People just don’t understand problems on a airplane, back in the ye olde times we flew on unreliable piston driven planes made of wood and tissue paper. Here is a list of good, not bad, and bad issues.

Free first class upgrade
Flight attendant is hot

Not serious:
Fuselage has a hole in it
No wing
Pilots are gone
Engine explosion
No landing gear

Fat person who’s belly spills over into your seat
Baby who can’t shut up
Someone is yelling at whatever show/movie they are watching
You can’t get your favorite food/snack because someone got the last one

And Misha, the American dream did not protect us. It was a 50 BMG sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, and FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.


All they need to fix it is a redneck tool box (a tool box containing only WD-40 and duct tape). 90% of things can repaired with these two items. If it is suppose to move and doesn’t, then use WD-40 on it. If it ain’t suppose to move and does, then use the duct tape on it.
I suppose this can be applied to holes also.


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