Passenger Weights

Super quick question: as the title suggests I’ve been going through updating my Simbrief profiles after getting slightly incorrect w&b numbers.

What does IF use as default passenger weights?
The sliders are far too inaccurate to determine the individual weight, but it looks to be somewhere in the 200-250 lbs range.

If anyone has a more definitive answer, that would be very helpful!


i use 77kg/169lbs for Simbrief

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I’ve been using 170lbs and my ZFW has been consistently low.

This is one of those things where I wish IF would provide more documentation about.

Along with customizable weights, but that’s a topic for a #features post.

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Yea, we need more and realistic w&b options. But 77kg works for me


Alright, thanks for your input I’ll try that out with a few test flights and see how behaves.

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Also, if you feel that they’re still a bit off, I find that setting the zero fuel weight for your flight manually tends to be better at times.

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I agree that doing it backwards is helpful, especially since the weight sliders are way too inaccurate, the only downside is that it creates a second release when you go back through adjusting weights, which then can change your fuel requirements continuing the cycle.
The discrepancy might be up to 70 lbs p.pax which adds up quickly

The standard weight for a person on board an airplane is 170lbs

IRL yes (well airline, and season depending) but I’m not sure about Infinite Flight

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And how much weight for luggage pp?

what if this happens?

I’ve just gone in Infinite Flight and investigated this using the C172:

The maximum weight of each passenger it seems is 115kg / 254lbs.

That will include luggage - I would assume luggage somewhere around the 20kg mark so passenger weight around 95kg / 209lbs.

SimBrief passenger weight includes luggage weight so if you want to modify it then use 115kg / 254lbs.

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That depends per airline and per class.
Usually 45-50 lbs per suitcase

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