Passenger simulator in Global

I have been thinking about global and I think the developers should add something called passenger simulator. Where you can actually be in the passenger’s shoes and get rode on planes, which also means that as a passenger in the game you can go into any airport and that any airport is 3D scenery. One of the advantages of passenger sim is that it will make the global and The game way more interesting, also if you don’t have time to ride a plane you can just be served on the game instead. However adding all this up you will also have some disadvantages like for example the game (and global) will cost too much it will need a lot of device memory and storage also it needs to be compatible with speedy devices. Although I do think we should consider this and I would like to hear your thoughts.


This would be very nice! however it would probably be hard to add, and I highly doubt that it will get added, plus there will be no 3D airports.


Flight sim not passenger sim not flight attendant sim not ground crew sim. Flight sim!


In other words, NO. This seems like a waste of time, money and resources on the devolopers. Idk about you, but I get on a flight sim cus I want to FLY the airplane, not sit in coach. The only thing I can think of that’s worse than sitting in Economy for a two hour flight is sitting in Economy on a virtual sim. That sounds extremely boring.


They would need to redo everything including the plane models. Its a Flight Sim not really needed TBH.

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This is supposed to be a Flight Simulator, not a Passenger Flying game.


If they added this, then IF would be weired

While I agree a passenger sim does not fit IF, it would still be cool to get a passenger rating for your flight, which is based on how you have been piloting. Bumpy landing? Descent with 5000 fpm? Steep turns with 60 degrees bank angle? All those things would lower your passenger’s rating. This might also be interesting for all the VAs… the lower the rating, the less likely passengers will be flying again with your VA.

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