Passenger Mode

I think it would be really awesome especially for virtual airlines that allow you to book flights and just for fun have a mode called “Passenger Mode”. Before flying, pilots could say whether or not they wanted to allow it and you could be able to just enjoy the ride. This would be EPIC with aircraft like the CRJ with the interior view. The passenger would have no control whatsoever and the pilot will be able to see how many people are on board. Let me know what you think!

Someone actually already made a thread similar to yours. I would suggest giving it a vote!


Would you really sit there for 12 hours looking out the window?

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It could be like you would fall asleep after takeoff and wake up and watch them butter the landing.

This would be funny, useless, but cool

Yeah don’t we have a replay for that? Can’t you just use that?

I think this is completely unnecessary. The replay is literally a substitute for the Passenger Mode. I can’t see why another “mode” needs to be implemented just to see your takeoff, flight and landing.

Furthermore, who’s flight would you be a passenger on? Yours? If so, who’s controlling the plane? (Assuming you can’t be a passenger and pilot at the same time). And if that’s not the case, you would be a passenger for…another pilot’s flight? Wouldn’t that get very boring within minutes, especially on a long-haul, or even a ULH?

Other people could.

Please elaborate on what you mean.

Like you could open the mode, search for a flight you want, and spawn in.

Alright, but the pilot wouldn’t know. I think that’s one of your points.

Anyway, since this topic is a duplicate, I suggest you use the other topic.

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