Passenger Mode in IF?

I recently saw a BA called TravelSky, and they did an online booking system to fly in most regions, but as a passenger, how is this possible to ba a passenger in IF?

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I’m not sure what you mean? There is no passenger mode in IF, it is a flight simulator :-)

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There was a VA, called ](, and they did a booking system from most regions, and they said they would get back to you within 2-3 day! In the link, go to Become a Passenger

Erm… the website is all in Asian?

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i know, its the wrong one, its fine anyway… Hey take a look at my new post, im doing a meetup

Yeah I see it. I don’t have the Carribean region/Live+ yet.

Hello sir!

The Passenger feature is only for simulating a real airline website… You can book A virtual flight at the moment you want and we fly for you at this moment.

After that flight, we PM or mail the Passenger with a flight report.

Thank you for visiting TravelSky website!
Feel free to book anytime!

grxninesix, CEO and founder
@BavariaAVIATION tag for info (he’s the flight op chief)


our only and official website is

grxninesix, TravelSky CEO and founder

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At DVA we also have a system where you can become a passenger. Our ideas are that you can track a flight on live flight.

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mmmh great tip…

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Maybe you can use the copilot mode in Infinite Pilots?