Passenger Left on Plane

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On June 9th, 2019, a female passenger fell asleep on a 90 minutes Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto. Nothing wrong about that so far. It’s not like on a train where you can miss your stop, right? Well…

When the passenger woke up, she noticed that everything around here was cold and dark. She was still on the airplane, but nobody was with her. At first, she thought she was dreaming; and having an anxiety disorder didn’t exactly help in that kind of situation as well.

The passenger got to the cockpit and tried using a flashlight to get some groundworkers attention. After an unsuccessful attempt, she then somehow managed to open the door of the airplane, and finally, some workers saw her, and they got her off the plane. Air Canada already confirmed the story, and they’re investigating how that could’ve happened.

In all seriousness, it must have been a terrible personal experience for the passenger the way she described it. Something like that is not supposed to happen, and it could’ve ended much worse if that would’ve happened in the winter months.

My guess is that the flight attendants saw her sleeping before the landing, but they let her be. She must have had a window seat or something. Then, after everyone left the plane, they did a quick walk through the aircraft, overseeing the passenger in her seat. And as it already was late, the cleaning crew would not have been supposed to arrive until the next morning. I‘m sure they didn’t leave her on purpose but still… That cannot happen.



Was about to reply exactly that but I guess I need to come up with something a little more creative…


For us avgeeks being stuck on a plane is being stuck in the candy store


It kinda depends. Being stuck in a plane with no heating in the middle of a cold night might get a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable 😅


Also her phone died
Wat a night for that person

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I am honestly surprise how the air attendants haven’t realise this passenger when they clear the cabin?!

Erm…what…just how…

are some FA’s blind or something’


Pretty hard to miss a sleeping passenger… did she not have any bags in the overhead lockers? Very unlucky for this passenger and I’d feel bad if anything bad happened to these Flight Attendants because it was a late flight and they just wanted to get off to bed

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Darn air Canada… making ACVA look bad 🤣

I’ve heard sleeping through to another flight before where someone accidentally sleeps and goes with another flight they weren’t supposed to be on but this is new and definitely an oddity

I read this and im Saying to my self: How could this happen?..

How the hell can this happen?!

If I was in that situation, I would go straight to the cockpit, take some pictures in my favourite seats. Sit in captain seat, turn on the aircraft and then try and contact ATC.


If you did manage to start the APU and spoke to atc you’d probably would have gotten arrested

But why? Even if you weren’t intending on doing harm, all you wanted to do was get someone to help out and let you out of the Aircraft by contacting atc

It’s only calling for help.

Hope this lady doesn’t sleep on another 90 minute flight for a repeat

Lol 😂 see oversleept

I have one word. How.

I remember seeing this earlier on the news

Pretty simple solution to this problem:

Flight attendants (or maybe the pilots) should check the plane for any passengers left behind. This is done on school buses in the US, why not do it on planes? Maybe they should have additional training for flight attendants to do this.

I would just stay there in a ball so I wouldn’t have to leave until the next morning. Or even visit the cockpit and take a picture.