Passenger Kicked off flight for buying her cello a seat.

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Well, this is a first. I really don’t know whose in the wrong here. At least they didn’t break the cello. Leave your thoughts down below.

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I don’t think there’s that much to discuss tbh. I mean, if it’s too big… it’s too big.

Would be interesting to know what aircraft she was in the first time though, where it all seemed fine.


Personally I really think that nowadays airlines are far strict.

Yeah it must of been a microlight.

There are a lot of restrictions but I mean most of them are for safety reasons so I don’t think you can really complain.


Yeah I know, I wonder what the aircraft was.

This is just too funny. I own a very expensive hundred year old cello and I wouldnt even trust a row of seats for my baby.


She would of been on a 767 or 737. Most likely the 737-800 though.

But she got kicked off of a 737…

Yeah. But on the way to Miami she said she had no problem. So maybe it was a 767? We will never know😂

It was most likely a 767, 757, or a330. But I don’t think it could be an a330, because Americans a330s don’t usually fly this route.

I think AA uses the A330 out of KPHL and KCLT. Now thinking about it, she must’ve taken the 767. Let me reread to see if there are any clues.

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It kind of seems she must of arrived in Miami in the morning then leave in the evening. After looking at FR24, it seems she took a 737-800 but maybe a A321. Either way, both aircraft are smaller and same restrictions would bog applied. It also says that they had no issues going to Miami. They might also hint to the same type of aircraft. Once again, I don’t know😂

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I believe AAL was wrong in many ways for doing this. Even though Cellos aren’t people she still bought it a boarding pass meaning that technically the seat is hers. Many people have suspected weight and I doubted it and instead of speaking without having the appropriate knowledge I went to my good old friend google to get some info. The average Cello weighs around 6 pounds and is about 6.3 inches wide. Assuming this woman traveled in economy (it’s the smallest seat so I went as small as I could get) AALs typical economy seat is around 17.8 Inches wide, meaning that she could have fitted not one but TWO Cellos in that seat with space to spare! She rightfully payed for her seat so I believe AAL did wrong in not allowing it, especially since they had told her husband that it was allowed.


Its is normal, musicians make your instruments transports in passengers seat, to evite damage with instrument.

Someone did bring one on a CRJ so I don’t know how it can’t fit on a 738… it wasn’t even one of the new Oasis configured one.

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Surely a good Cello deserves a business class seat…


As a cellist myself, if this were to happen to me, I won’t be silent at all. Why would someone kick an object in which it deserve a spot because the money is given? Think about it, instruments don’t require a meal, services etc. What does AAL have to lose if a cello was onboard? This makes zero sense.


I mean nobody wants to throw a expensive Thing in the cargo cause we all know what happens then
Not a good reason to be kicked off.
Owner of a very nice violin here although it ain’t a Stradivarius
Delta doesn’t give a crap about putting it on the overhead.They are fine with it.


Oh come on, that is absolutely ridiculous. Come on American Airlines (you have good days and bad days)!