Passenger dragged off another flight...

A passenger was dragged off a TAROM flight for spitting at a crew member, and then they dragged him off… Seems like it isn’t only United.


Well let’s be honest here, the mother spat at the crew, and then refused to leave the plane.

The United flights scenario is entirely different. This woman actually did something to be dragged off.


To provide more detail so that people do not start assuming things without reading the article:

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If people don’t get off willingly then the will be forcibly removed, it’s expected. Obviously with United it was a justifiable reason and they could have carried them off instead

With United it wasn’t even the airline, it was airport workers.


Seeing many kids looking quite traumatized makes me feel bad. Those passengers were very reluctant to comply and the woman’s act is disgusting. From my view it wasn’t like they beat the snot out of him like the airport workers in the United incident did though. Ultimately, if you are rude; disrespectful; and unwilling to get off, it will happen to you. Hate the fact that it brought the domino effect with more problems to people just trying to get to places… Please don’t reference United with these incidents.

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They were sitting in a exit row, Clearly not understanding English. What happens if they are in an emergency and the don’t understand what’s happening and it could be a case of life and death. They should have just moved and all of this fuss would have never happened 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

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I don’t have anything to say, of course they were asked to be removed due to a misconduct by the woman in the family, but I believe that to drag them of isn’t a good solution either. I don’t know, I don’t have words

The video, ouch

It looks like on the passenger’s side this incident escalated because of stress due to the flight being very crowded and it being a red eye (12:30am departure) and everything else that is stressful about air travel. But I think they could have handled the situation differently by having someone from customer service to go to the plane and tell them to move to another seat and then just depart to their destination but being that disrespectful to the crew… I don’t know what to say

The title makes this sound like some unfair, possibility illegal incident. But anyone who does basic research can tell you it is perfectly reasonable…

after watching the videos I feel bad for those kids… its heart breaking to see the kids have to witness that …

when you’re told to get off the plane just leave and then make a proper complaint later if you wish, I mean for an adult it’s not appropriate to make your kids see something like that its will make them afraid of officials or hate them or worse make them develop a fear of flying because they will keep remembering how their parents were dragged off a plane.

OK, sorry for the United part, that was a bit excessive. My problem is why drag him off? Maybe police or something, not plain force.

You don’t cooperate and resist, that’s what happens. Security dragged him off the right way. Didn’t abuse him, just calmly got him out

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