Passenger delays flight after not turning tablet to flight mode in Canberra

A Qantas flight bound for Melbourne has been forced to return to the gate after a passenger refused to turn on flight mode. QF1233 from the Australian capital of Canberra to Melbourne was delayed by up to an hour last week after a “senior company executive” refused to turn his tablet to flight mode, the flight believed to be operated by a Dash 8 aircraft had to return to the gate in Canberra. Qantas said in a statement “Qantas flight QF1233 operating from Canberra to Melbourne on Friday evening returned to the gate shortly after pushing back from the aerobridge. A passenger failed to follow crew instructions to switch their electronic device to flight mode. The safety of our passengers is our number one priority.” It is unknown if the passenger was removed from the aircraft yet I personally highly suspect he was.
Canberra Airport, where the incident took place image credit


Doubt they deplaned him. What a waste of money and time though for the sake of one person wanting to use data on his tablet.

Heard this during school. What a stupid reason, it has been proven they do not affect the planes performance. The only reason why people still have to do it is so people don’t get themselves killed for not listening to a safety video.


Lol how can they not know the rules? That sounds terrible.
Anyway, I know a lot of people don’t use flight mode.

How did the cabin crew know that he hadn’t turned on flight mode?

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Dosnt say if he was a QANTAS Senior Executive or from a different company though. A lot of business travelers ( and others) think they know more than the FAs when it comes to safety but if nothing else it is polite and a professional courtesy to listen to the safety brief, even if nothing else so it isn’t distract others.

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Actually they can mess with radios and avionics when near the cockpit when I fly private I have to turn my phone on airplane mode in the cockpit

I don’t know why people refuse to turn their phones on airplane mode. They are taking this for granted

Flights in China don’t even allow you to turn on your phone for the whole flight. FA make you shit of your phone.

In other countries your allowed to use your phone. With this coming circumstance why not just follow the rule

Ah yes a private plane but not a commercial one which is what electronics were tested on

That would make me so mad

50% why would the passenger not turn on airplane mode and 50% something Misha would do on a BA flight…😂😂😉

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I always turn airplane mode on though admittedly I have played Infinite Flight on a flight above 10,000 because my TV didn’t work.

I turn on airplane mode but the fact is that it does not affect a thing. But I guess the safety instructions are pretty important so.

Ahem am sure you mean to Shut off your phone…? Other meaning seems a whole lot worse a punishment!

happy landings


Haha oops. Didn’t catch that typo😂😂

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And still didn’t fix it either…


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