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Tonight I am planning on doing BA190 from AUS-LHR. However, because I strive for maximum realism with my flights, I need your help. With COVID-19 going on, I was not sure if any of you would have an idea of how many passengers are currently on the flight.

From what I can find, BA’s 777-300ER’s have 299 seats however with the pandemic I would imagine most of them are empty. Any estimate on how many PAX ore on board would be greatly appreciated!

On a side note, if anyone has a guess as to how much cargo would be in the hold (i.e. PAX baggage, commercial freight, etc.) I would love to hear that too.Thanks!


I’m not too sure, but some airlines have said they’re achieving load factors between 20-30%, so that would be around 89 or 90 passengers. You could also include some more passengers traveling back home (if they’re foreign nationals), or less, just depending on how you’d like to do it. Also, I recommend looking at the cruising altitude of flights on FlightRadar24. In January, the flight would usually begin cruise at 31,000 or 33,000 and reach 37,000 or 38,000 by the end. Now, flights begin cruise at around 35,000 and reach all the way up to 41,000 too, which means they’re significantly lighter. Hope this helps!

As for cargo, I’d recommend putting a little bit more than you normally would, seeing as countries are sending supplies and people are just packing like crazy.


That for sure helps! Kind of weird to fly with so few passengers but I guess it is just the way things are right now…

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Flight has been cancelled in real life due to travel restrictions to and from Europe to the US. Only airport in Texas to accept travellers from Europe is KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). BA/KLM/Air France/Lufthansa/United flights from AUS and IAH have been cancelled for now.

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I saw that. That is why I figured I would catch the last flight from AUS-LHR for the time being 😃

Now for normal flights outside of the COVID pandemic, I can only answer for BA 777-200 flights out IAH. Couple times I’ve flown BA to LHR they typically fly anywhere from 40% to 90% passenger capacity depending on time of year.


Good to know, once things all wrap up with the COVID-19 stuff, I hope to fly the BA 777 more especially with the rework coming!

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Hey, I love that route choice!!! I would guess a similar passenger number to what @GlobalFlyer1 said. In terms of cargo I would say a lot. Here’s why: BA sent their 747s here for a while, and one of the main reasons was actually cargo capacity. This is the last TATL flight out of AUS for who knows how long (BA canceled tomorrow, and Norwegian and Lufty have cancelled). Hopefully this helped!

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Very good to know, especially from a local 😉

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Just go ahead and do this

You: “Hey Siri”
Siri: “What can I do for you”
You: “Choose a number between 0 and 299”
Siri: “iM nOT surE i UNDerstaNd tHAt”

To be serious, I would say just pick a number, or look at the flight on the airlines website beforehand and check the seatmap.

Somewhere around 80-99 passengers would be your best bet. With the COVID-19 and also the travel ban imposed by the US for flights bound to EU, UK, and Ireland, I doubt there will be many passengers on that flight

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Nerd mode on… 🤪🤓

After averaging all the numbers I have been given in this thread I have decided to put 89 passengers on board. Thanks all!

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