Passenger Comfort

Hi guys!

I just want to suggest a feature that shows how the passengers felt during your flight.
So this depends on the G-force.

If during your flight the passenger / you felt more than 1.3 g’s or less than 0.7 g’s the passenger comfort will drop (I’m no totally sure of that margin).
It can be similar on how landings are rated. except the fact that this focus on the time which you are air-borne.

there should be an indicator telling them how they feel so you can be alerted.
This encourage pilots to be more careful not only when landing but through out the entire flight. Thus adding more realism.

(I apologize if this had been already suggested) open to correction, suggestion and constructive criticism.

Thank you.


I think this would turn the simulator into more of a game. I think there’s a game where you have to fly orderly to keep passengers happy and then you rank up, reminds me of that a bit.


yeah but there is already that landing rating right?

I just thought that it will be better if it was for the whole flight

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