Passenger checks in only a beer can on a Qantas flight

I think that’s quite funny and interesting, although the title says it all, I wanna share the link


Lol, is he really that thick? Does he love his drink so much that he can’t be bothered putting it in the bin or atleast drinking it?

If it was empty the only reasonable answer i can think of right now is that he loves to recycle.

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It was a joke, read the article 😆 Sorry if you’re being sarcastic mate but if you are it isn’t that obvious :)

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Wait - the whole thing is a joke? And doesn’t deserve a topic? JK

This is a pretty funny but cool story

I did read the article, it was a joke? Im sorry but that was a little hard to tell it was a joke…

Its a lot more common than you think. Whenever I come back from a foreign country I have beer and other drinks packed in my check in. No solely having a beer as your check in yeah thats not a common sight.

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One should never come between man and a beer bottle, it’s like calling separating a plane and its engine.

Those pictures of the beer made me laugh, a lot!


I mean that the whole idea of checking in the beer was a humorous joke not that this whole thing is fake :)

This is something I would do

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Good thing the can didn’t explode during the flight. I know a guy who had the genius idea of checking in a Coca Cola bottle in his suitcase. His clothes were destroyed when he opened his suitcase.

How would the can explode? Flight Attendents use cans to serve the soda to the customers. I think it’s more like baggage loaders just threw a luggage on that guy’s suitcase and the can just explode due to force exerted on it. Should have marked it as fragile cargo, lol.

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Perhaps the bottle is more fragile than the can. The guy checked in a bottle of Coca Cola.

In Australia I don’t think they sell glass bottles of Coca Cola at least in every store I’ve been

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi :)

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That’s honestly so funny😂😂😂

This guy is true blue! Share the Aussie Spirit!

That is what I would’ve said if it was not a joke.

Beer isn’t carbonated :)

What? This:

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That’s also halarious😂😂😂🤙🤙

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