Passenger announcements?

Hey community!

I have recently wanted to really enhance my realism of my flight, so I was wondering if there is any text/Google Doc that has all the passenger announcements such as; boarding, takeoff, descent, etc.
I have googled this, but I cant seem to find a whole list of all the announcements. I was wondering If anyone has any picture or PDF with all the announcements.


I mean you could use IF operations or IF assistants’s PA’s. Or infinite passengers as they have a variety of real-world airline announcements, but you have to pay a subscription for real world ones

Well, there are a lot of announcements. Every airline has their own. So I heavily doubt it. You can make one or create transcripts of existing airline announcements.

I don’t want a separate app, I want an actual List of all the announcements that I can say.

No, I mean just like the basic idea of what these announcements are, and that I can read. Doesn’t need to be airline-specific.

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You mean like the ones the captain or first officer say before take off and after landing ad that

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Yeah like that.

I don’t know of any.

Is this what you wanted?


That is exactly what I need! Thanks man!

@AlphaSeven: Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard this Qatar Airways flight with service to Doha

His mother: Walks in
Also his mother: Who are you talking to?

BC: Uhh, my passengers


Lmao, thats true 😂


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