[Passed Practical!!!] Jonesrox55's ATC Tracking Thread

Hey everyone! I’ll post here where when and what I am controlling- stop by if you can, and please leave feedback! Trying to eventually become an IFATC, and I have around 2200 operations. Thank you for your time!


Controlling Ground and Tower at EHAM!

I can swing by in a couple minutes

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until when are you connected

I’ll be controlling for about an hour

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Okay at 2200z you are connected or no

Probably not any later than that, no guarantees with school tomorrow, sorry

You don’t enter in trap

I’m confused my friend

I request frequency change and you respond already requests frequency change
So the people in training respond frequency change aprouve

I had purposely requested a change of frequency for test you

Giving taxi clearance automatically tells you to contact tower when ready, therefore to request frequency change is redundant

I know I said it was for you tested I use myself this function in misc massage

Ah ok I misunderstood, thanks

Because some controller make the mistake

it seems to me that if I say go around you had to answer me with the same message

Well done runway crossing and changes were good only once did you give me an extra pattern entry but you fixed the next time very good job!

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@TenMileJones if you have question in atc contact @Tyler_Shelton

No need to contact me, unless you want to. :)

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I change I m sorry trio

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