(Passed Practical) EthanT2 ATC Tracking Thread


Thank you for controlling the atc at KPSP and I had a great first flight with @Tucker_Ryan and it was awesome
It is a pleasure

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Open at OMDB

  • Pattern Work encouraged
  • Departing/ Landing 12L/ 12R
  • Open for 1hr 30min

you still open?


Sorry just closed, I’m doing my practical later, and if I don’t pass I will open later today.


ok but someone is doing ATC


They’ll be closed later.


How’d the practical go??


I came just short, I retest next week.

I’ll open around 21:00Z tonight if you want to come by


Open at EDDL

  • Patterns encouraged
  • 23L/ 23R
  • 1hr

Sorry I missed you tonight. I’ll keep checking and hopefully I’ll get in your airspace soon. Pullin for ya - much respect

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Are you aware you can set the thread to watching, where you will get notifications about every post in this thread.


No worries i’ll be open tomorrow aswell. Keep an eye out😉


Open at EDTT

  • Pattern Work
  • 08L/ 08R
  • 1hr 30min

Open at KIND

  • Pattern Work
  • 23L/ 23R/ 32
  • 1hr 15min

Open at OMAA

  • Pattern Work
  • 13R/ 13L
  • 1hr 15min
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Will stop by for some fast patterns

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On my way! There now on expert server. Will switch over in a sec

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My B on the callsign switch - came over in a hurry and forgot to match it up.

  • Saudia 104
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Would be best to advertise your ATC on your own thread, not use someone elses. 🙂

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Open at VTBD

  • Pattern Work
  • 03L/ 03R
  • 1hr 30min