(Passed Practical) EthanT2 ATC Tracking Thread


Had to go, thanks for coming out.


Just one point of feedback:

After “I’ll call your base”, don’t use “enter left base”, as that is for aircraft calling inbound. Use “turn base”.

Otherwise, nothing to report. Well done 🙂


Good to know. Thanks for coming!


Open at KPSP

  • Tower+Ground
  • Patterns allowed
  • Departing and Landing runways 31L and 31R
  • Open for 1hr 30min


Thanks for the service.

You told me to line up & wait, wasn’t necessary.

Don’t forgot the exit runway command, usually given to aircraft that are at a controlled ground speed (<70kts). If they are in a GA aircraft, they are typically already below this speed straight after touchdown, so just give them time to slow the plane down first.

There weren’t any other aircraft for you to put your sequencing skills to the test, so I’ll be sure to stop by another time.



Good point on the line-up and wait command… And about the exit runway message, I cleared you for the option and didn’t know you had the intention of a full stop, so I didn’t give a exit runway command.

Thanks for dropping by, though!


You still around? I may take a tbm with me
Callsign CALGARY


Ahh sorry, literally just closed… I’ll likely be open tomorrow though.


Lol. Watch out for that callsign


Open at KSCK

  • Tower+Ground
  • Pattern work encouraged
  • Departing/ Landing runways 29L and 29R
  • Open for 1hr 30min


Will stop by in 20 or so


Thanks! Have a great Halloween


Open at KSCK

  • Pattern Work encouraged
  • Tower+Ground
  • Open for 1hr
  • Departing and Landing runways 11L/11R


Join me for a friday night at KNUC!

  • Patterns encouraged
  • Departing/Landing 24
  • Open till 12:45Z


Just set this to watching, hope to fly some patterns for you soon.


Open at KPSP

  • Patterns encouraged
  • Landing/ Departing runways 13L/ 13R
  • Open for 1hr 30min


Ok I’m coming


I accidentally turn off auto pilot so that’s why went so crazy


I’ll come for a little bit


Don’t worry about it, also, in future don’t request frequency change when holding short. Thanks for coming!