(Passed Practical) EthanT2 ATC Tracking Thread


i have to go

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Sent you feedback on Slack :)

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And I stalled and died lol


No worries, thanks for coming.


Oh, I ain’t done. I’m tryharding for grade 4 lol 30 more landings
Edit: you are probably closing soon eh?


Oh, I’m doing the same thing lol. (LIke 25 landings from Grade 4 or something).

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Ah I see. Good luck getting there.


I am closing in about 15-30min though, I’ve got some homework to do


I have to go to the mall now anyways. Thank you! See you on the expert server!


Thanks! See ya next time.

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Open at EINN

  • Tower+Ground
  • Patterns allowed
  • Departing and Landing runway 06
  • Open for 2hr, ish

Coming, need to practice some T&Gs!

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My touch and goes in the TBM were horrifying yesterday so time to practice those a bit.

Will come soon 👍🏼

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I’m experiencing sound issues, please expect delays everyone. I’ll do my best.


Sorry had to finish short, something came up. No problems except one improvement: you could’ve sent me for takeoff while the A320 was backtaxiing, quite common to so in these scenarios. Well done!


Thanks for coming!


I will come. You will know it is me lol

My callsign is gonna be TIMHORTONS XD


Haha 🇨🇦, See you soon.

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Thanks for your help!

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