(Passed Practical) EthanT2 ATC Tracking Thread

Haha thanks, don’t go too hard on me😬😂

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Thanks for the patterns, sorry for my unattentaveness, it’s early Halloween trick or treating at work lol


Nice work sorry I couldn’t stay out there longer.

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No worries, thanks for coming!

Ethan, thnx for the great service at LGAV! In my opinion, see you soon on the expert server! Cheers oo-lxv

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Thanks, I’m going to make sure i’m 100% ready before I apply, excited to get there though!

You’ll do great. Have you opened at some busy airports as well for more volume practice?

Yep just did at KJFK. Had like 20 aircraft on frequency and had like 1 go-around but aside from that It was a success. I’m also still working at approach aswell

I wish you luck. Not sure if I can commit the time to get to that level but I do challenge myself with busier airports from time to time as I find it to be a personal victory if I can make it past 30 minutes!

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Thanks alot.

I just opened at DEN.

One sec i’ll come by

Cool. Only two departures thus far and one inbound.

Open at NZAA

  • Tower+Ground
  • Patterns allowed
  • Departing and landing runway 05R
  • Open for 1hr

@EthanT2 i will do a pattern but make sure to update your title to open when you are controlling :) callsign N469WN

Ya, give me a second I’m updating the title. I have changed to NZAA however because of the lack of traffic at LGSA.

Ok! I will hop on down.

I shall do some patterns in an a318

Alright, sounds great.

Lol my callsign is UROCKET2
Not to be confused with rocket instead of rock ET2

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